When some people think of homeschooling, visions of moms clad in denim skirts and awkward children come to mind. The myths that surround homeschooling are often perpetuated by people who have never homeschooled their children, or have had very little contact with homeschoolers. These myths can leave homeschooling families confused and discourage new families from homeschooling. Read on as we debunk several of the most popular myths about homeschooling.


  1. If I homeschool my children, they will never learn to socialize with kids their own age. This myth is probably the most popular myth that surrounds homeschooling, and nothing could be farther from the truth. Homeschoolers attend co­ops, are involved in various community activities, and often minister in their churches. Homeschoolers are accustomed to communicating with people of all ages. The socialization most homeschoolers participate in is far healthier than the socialization their public school peers receive.
  2. My child may…

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